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I think Amok Time is the only episode where Sickbay is identified as being on Deck 5, Timo-esque arguments not withstanding

However, in Elaan of Troyius Kirk identifies Sickbay as being the "best protected part of the ship", suggesting that its deep in the middle of the saucer. Whether that is Deck 7 or Deck 5 depends on which particular cutaway you use...

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
In "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Robotkirk arrives near Kirk's quarters (he moved - again?!?) in a turbolift right next to the aforementioned one where there's also the Season One Jefferies Tube (different angle than in Season Two and Three). The yellow door of this little JT corridor serves no function at all in this particular scene (if the main corridor wall panel is in place - like in "The Enemy Within" - I believe this might be a yellow door to the crew's restrooms).
That corridor is quite a mess! In season 1, the Jeffries Tube resided in a little room accessed through a yellow door on the short straight corridor. What the director basically did here is remove several sections of corridor in order to compose his shot: Spock can now be seen working at the tube as Robokirk arrives in the lift and passes him by without a word, first arousing Spock's suspicions...

It's a good scene of course, but it does raise several oddities. Firstly (as Robert Comsol observed) the change in corridors mean that Kirk has moved quarters yet again! OK, so it's not the last time it ever happens, but it is the 3rd time in 9 episodes and only the 6th appearance!

Also, Kirk has an open Jefferies Tube right outside his quarters - of course, there's usually mechancic doodads sticking out of the walls in TOS, but this seems to put the Captain even deeper into the guts of the vessel.

Finally, there's that little yellow door. Formally the entrance to the J.T. room, now it is a door that leads from the corridor - into the corridor. OK, the camera pans quickly across this weird structural assembly but it is there.

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