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I haven't watched DS9 in a while, but didn't Section 31 turn out to not really be a legitimate intelligence agency, but rather a rouge one? The Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar, well, I wouldn't really fault the agencies for what they were considering that Cardassians and Romulans aren't always depicted as the best people no matter which way you slice it. There were divisions, though, where morals and ideals got challenged, IIRC.

And let's not forget that no one, by the end of the series, walked away with entirely clean hands, intelligence agency or not. I think that's a real depiction of what happens in war times, wouldn't you say? I mean, think about some of what's happened with American intelligence, not to mention other places (which I'd assume have their issues too), in the last 10 years or so.
All good points. However, given the kind of guy Stan is, he tends to view everything in black and white and feels that his ideas of right and wrong are the only legitimate viewpoints on the matter.

What do you think as a CIA Agent?
I'm not in the CIA, I'm not even American. The sentence in my previous post when I said "As an upstanding CIA agent, I can see this would grate on Stan." I meant that since Stan is supposed to be an upstanding CIA agent, I can see how depicting every intelligence agency as criminal would grate on him. If you've watched American Dad, you'd see such characterization is 100% spot on of who Stan Smith is.
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