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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

How about pretending there would be DIL in the STFs, all the way through Tribble testing, and then just not including that when it goes live? Nice little con job there.

I dunno, think i'm starting to lose interest in this game again. They just don't have anything FUN in here anymore, and the changes and updates just seem more mean-spirited now than helpful. It's a boring grind, and they don't even want to hide it. Feels like they know it's going south, and want to see how much they can squeeze out of it before everyone bails.

Can't remember the last time I was really excited about this game, but think it was towards the first run of the 3-4 FEs. Things were on a big high note, they were churning out content, things were good. Then they took a year off, and things weren't really the same after that...

And then we get the unusual combination of excuses that they are understaffed whenever they are asked about something, and bragging that they just doubled their staff whenever anyone questions their financial stability. Kinda like how they told us they have dedicated staff that are just writers, so just because they haven't released missions doesn't mean work isn't going on there. Then after the year of hell, those missions don't actually come out. What was that guy doing again?

Game is just WORK now, there's no fun or excitement. Go do X, grind DIL, then grind Y for rep points, then do mindless activity Z for Fleet Marks. Boring, repetitve, no challenge, no story. And they've essentially killed most of their endgame with the Rep system. STF as least were good for reliable DIL, junk loot to sell for EC, and a challenge if nothing else. And of course the carrot of maybe getting tech, but at least getting salvage to equip ships and BOFFs with decent Mk XII gear. Now, it's just Omega Marks. You pour them into the rep system, and quickly max out. Get your extra skills, but whatever tech you didn't manage to get on every toon after running it 1000 times before, and then what? Why would you ever play a STF again after that? You'd be literally getting nothing, and wasting your time. Way to think that through...

SW:TOR is going free on Thursday, think I'm going to check that out. Not that their system is guaranteed to be any better, might even be worse, but it'll be NEW, and those DEVs haven't made a history out of disappointing and/or (usually and) lying to me.
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