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Re: What are you looking forward to in Trek?

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For a franchise pronounced "DEAD" in 2006
Didn't know about this lol, I can't really imagine Star Trek dying. Maybe I'm too optimistic, but the worst case I can think of is a long time without a related tv series.
I'd say I'm likely to outlive Star Trek which doesn't really bother me. Better than dying while it's still reinventing itself and missing out.
Unless you're secretly Guinan, I can't see that happening. You may outlive this incarnation of Trek, as we have the last, but it'll always be brought back in one way or another. The success of JJ's movie proved once and for all that Star Trek endures beyond the original actors. There will always be a new Superman, a new James Bond, a new Sherlock Holmes... and a new James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock.

Even if, after the next Trek-related flop, it IS a 15 year wait. They bring back everything.
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