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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

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I don't know if it's just me, but T'Pol looks a bit too thin and tired. I can see the bones in her face and bags under her eyes, and it doesn't look good. I hope the actress was okay at the time.
She was apparently quite sick for a good many episodes and didn't recover quickly.

Oh and I have been quite worried about something but you can't read it S/UF because it is a spoiler. So don't click on the spoiler tag below.

No accounting for taste teacake!

Yeah, I'd call the Augments trilogy one of Enterprise's best hours. An engaging story, a believable villain and Archer really was finally starting to act like a strong leader. Definitely surprised S/U scored them so relatively low, but opinions are just that!
Oh, no accounting for taste can go both ways, lol. For me, so far, the best part of this series was the last quarter of season 3, but I hope parts that are just as good or better are ahead.

I have nothing against the augment 3-parter, it's just not particularly inspiring or exciting. The story is engaging enough, and the villain was believable, but Archer, well...

I'm sorry that you are surprised, but a lot of what was happening with the augments was like watching a teen drama, and there's nothing particularly wrong with that, but there's nothing particularly special or great about that either. It works; they are around 20 years old, so okay.

One thing that was interesting, or "off" to me, about them was that other than the three top augments, everyone else faded into the background and fell in line like sheep. For people that are described as the best and the brightest as well as very driven, uber-ambitious, and violent, that seemed a little contradictory.

I liked the way that DS9 handled them, where each augment had their own perspective and their own thought process. They each needed to be heard and to participate in what was happening, and these were the "broken" augments, so it really makes me wonder about the lack of "umphf" in most of the augments seen here.

There's no arguing, no debating, no nothing for a group of "individuals" that are supposed to have better internal processes than that, even if they are "defective" because of extreme ambition, which was only really seen with 1 out of the 10 or so augments. I don't know; I just think it could have been done better, but I'm not faulting what was done for that, hence the solid C grade.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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