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Re: Why can't Latinum be replicated?

It's possible the sameness, the complete reproducibility of replicated food is what's the "problem" for gourmands in the 24th century.
Or then they complain just for the sake of complaining - the "problem" for gourmands in any century!

With a substance that is most likely just a copy/paste/area-fill pattern it's probably a lot easier.
Why should GPL be less complex than food?

As for GPL, the why can't the replicator be considered the ATM of the 24th century?
Indeed. The temptation to use it for forgery is great, though: even if you aren't authorized to replicate a brick of GPL (that is, you don't have the Ferengi bank account to back it up), you will only get caught if the person you offer it to goes and checks all the hidden "serial numbers" in and on it. We know the slips can be checked by biting or by listening for the sound they make when bouncing, but we have never seen anybody check a brick.

Then again, we have never seen anybody actually receive a brick for payment, either. Quite possibly, one only accepts bricks when a suitable checking device is at hand. Or then trust is the word, as the person offering an un-backed brick is going to get caught eventually, and his crime is great enough to warrant a death squad sent after him.

Timo Saloniemi
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