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Re: What would it take to make you change your mind?

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I don't suddenly change my opinions, I gradually shift. It helps, to me, that despite the fact I post a lot, I rarely actually say anything of worth. Inside my head I have all sorts of uninformed, knee-jerk, savage thoughts but I never express them. My inner policing won't let them out. (Except at home with my OH, when we throw things at the TV and swear a lot.)
This describes me very well. Most often I don't have anything to add to a discussion as my thoughts have already been voiced by someone else, or I'm so undecided on the subject that I just sit back and see what other people have to say. I have initial knee-jerk reactions, but have learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut until I've done some research and thought things through.

Oh, and shouting at the telly? All. The. Time. So does my husband. It embarrasses the hell out of our teenagers, which makes it even more fun.
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