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Can you (or somebody else) tell me if an overview of the different text labels in TOS does exist? I'd really like to spare myself this kind of work if someone else has already done it.


There are odd cases where turbolift locations changed. In "Mudd's Women" they seem to enter the turbolift at the end of the corridor (near the yellow door to engine control) but then actually enter a turbo lift 7 behind an A-frame. This edit seems to suggest a turbo lift in the corridor opposite of engineering (and more like the motion picture turbolifts) which would probably make this the only time in TOS a turbo lift there has been suggested (the original Season One set plans considered this corridor end for a turbo lift location where the set plans for Season Two did not) as I do not recall another example (although this would be the only turbo lift location in the set plans corresponding with the turbolift from the bridge and a vertical shaft).

In "The Enemy Within" we see the regular turbo lift location (at the end of the circular corridor) Kirk and Spock enter to travel to Sickbay (strange, they didn't notice Evilkirk or Mytran...)

In "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" Robotkirk arrives near Kirk's quarters (he moved - again?!?) in a turbolift right next to the aforementioned one where there's also the Season One Jefferies Tube (different angle than in Season Two and Three). The yellow door of this little JT corridor serves no function at all in this particular scene (if the main corridor wall panel is in place - like in "The Enemy Within" - I believe this might be a yellow door to the crew's restrooms).


A medical lab on Deck 5 (Spock's quarters)? Actually "Amok Time" confused me incredibly and I'm wondering if "Astro-Medicine Ward 1" ("Way to Eden" door sign) or Sickbay is actually located on main deck 7.

After Kirk learns that Spock has changed course to Vulcan he has made up his mind that Spock needs to be examined at Sickbay. He arrives on the bridge and calls Spock to join him. In the turbolift Kirk says explicitly "deck 5" (again, he intends to get Spock to Sickbay and not to his quarters). In the turbolift Kirk orders Spock to "report" to Sickbay. They arrive on deck 5 and Spock leaves the elevator.

IMHO, this scene clearly suggests that Sickbay is located on deck 5 and Kirk at least wanted to accompany Spock there. Measure!

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