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Re: Tribble Toy Variations

The whole reason that I thought I'd ask all about these is because there are but three classes of Tribble toys:
1. With generic dog toy squeaker
2. With authentic Tribble sounds (the electronic versions)
3. No sounds at all (which also means no dog toy squeaker)

I'd like to know how to break it all down, so that I know who did what variations, in what years, and whether or not any of these variations in these three classes were officially licensed by Paramount/CBS.

Unlicensed (counterfeit) versions won't do it for me (these would not have the Star Trek or Paramount logos on the packaging), and neither will the "dog toy squeaker" versions (licensed or not).

On websites I've visited, both Tribble Toys and others, when I see the disclaimer: "Large Tribbles are sound and touch activated, medium Tribbles are touch activated, and small Tribbles and keychain Tribbles have no sound or motion" is the whole disclaimer really true? Because, with regard to the keychain Tribbles, they do make a sound when you pull the chain (the cooing) and when you squeeze it (dog toy squeak).

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