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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Oh, God, an "add up the WARs to see if it makes sense" article.

This is a trade that makes a lot of sense for the Jays, and I have to give a ton of credit to AA, whom I bag on quite a bit -- it's kind of refreshing to see him make a trade that isn't "get another AAAA reliever." The timing makes perfect sense, as the AL East has never been more winnable in our lifetimes than it will be in 2013. The Yankees are getting old and are almost assuredly losing Swisher and Soriano, the Red Sox pulled a Marshall University, the O's won on magic that will disappear (seriously, that team is going to regress so much, they scraped into the playoffs on smoke and mirrors), and the Rays are always hamstrung by the budget issues that come from drawing like 300 fans a game. The timing is right for the Jays to go all-in, considering this is the best chance they'll have to get Joey Bats into the playoffs.

Really, this all becomes easier to understand when you realize that the only reason Loria owns a baseball team is to fund his art purchasing, primarily through pocketing revenue sharing dollars (and every MLB team will receive an additional $25 million per year, with no restrictions on how / if it's spent, beginning in 2014 as a result of the new television deal). He's essentially Max Bialystock.
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