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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Jeffrey Loria is a scumbag con artist.
Yyyyep. Don't forget that in addition to scamming Miami-Dade County out of more than 80 percent of the construction cost of Marlins Park (the city and county forked out more than $500 million of the $630 million price tag, and the 40-year bonds issued to cover the costs will cost them more than $2 billion when all is said and done), the City of Miami actually pays the taxes on the parking lots and also forks out an annual maintenance fee to the Marlins. And yet somehow everyone took Loria at his word that he'd invest in the team even though he had been pocketing the team's profits for years.

He's a goddamned criminal (don't forget the shell game he, Selig and John Henry pulled to get Henry owning the Red Sox, Loria owning the Marlins and the Expos getting nuked from existence).

Oh, I forgot: Ken Rosenthal is saying that Nolasco may be the next one out of town, and Stanton has taken to Twitter and telling the world he is pissed. He'll be stuck there for a while, though; I can't imagine Loria wanting to trade Stanton until he reaches his big arbitration paydays.
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