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DS9 features terrorists and doesn't paint them all as villains. I imagine this likely infuriates Stan Smith which is why he can't stand DS9.

Actually, the irony is is that when he made that comment, it's about surrogate births. "I've never heard of this and I've seen every episode of Star Trek. Wait, is this Deep Space Nine?..." DS9 of course, is the only Trek series to feature a surrogate birth, so whoever wrote the episode clearly doesn't hate DS9 and is very familiar with it.
Thank you. Surrogate births must have seemed unnatural to him, but it is sci-fi. One thing that DS9 does well it to show that terms such as "villain" and "terrorist" are relative. I could see how that could be infuriating to someone that believes that they can only describe the one or few groups he's defined as such.
Something else I've thought of since writing that post, DS9 had a tendency to depict intelligence agencies as being almost criminal (Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order, Section 31). As an upstanding CIA agent, I can see this would grate on Stan.

Hmm, maybe we should start another thread speculating on why Stan would hate DS9 before derailing this one further?
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