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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise

^ We definitely have different tastes. I liked the idea of the TCW, but they didn't seem to do much with it. Storm Front 1&2 wasn't the best way to end it in this series, imo.

Cold Station 12

Well, liar, liar. The augment that killed his brother tells the doctor it was an accident. It's sad that the other augments left the "dud" behind. I don't like the lead augment; he's too power hungry and uncaring. I don't know if it's just me, but T'Pol looks a bit too thin and tired. I can see the bones in her face and bags under her eyes, and it doesn't look good. I hope the actress was okay at the time.

Grade: C

The Augments

I think the doctor had better watch out because that lead Augment is just biding his time. I think he asked the doctor an ironic question: What right does he have to tamper with their genome? Well, that's what "augments" are, tampered with human genomes. To argue that he shouldn't do this is arguing against the lead augment's very existence. Interesting. I'm with Dr. Phlox that it's sad that the doctor's skills are perhaps too great to just be wasted away in a prison cell, but he is a threat so... And there it is. Betrayed by his own children. He should have seen it coming, but at least his daughter was there for him.

Archer was terribly unconvincing, and I think even a rather dull Klingon captain should have seen through him. Why didn't he want verification from Chancellor himself if discretion was needed? I guess I just never like it when Klingon captains are portrayed as so horribly stupid... And it ends with the genesis of Data, which is nice. His skills weren't wasted after all.

Grade: C
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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