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lurok wrote: View Post
I wish BillJ would see more of VOY and ENT (heavens forbid). Would make forums more interesting though
He doesn't have to see more, although it sounds like he's seen them both. Nothing is wrong with having a preference, but something is wrong with calling someone "ignorant" for having a preference or condoning that. These forums, and this thread, are interesting as is, though.

BillJ wrote: View Post
Just saying that I knew very early on that they weren't going to be the quality of TOS and TNG.
I knew very early on that I probably wasn't going to like ENT as much as DS9 and the later seasons of TNG, but my impression of the series as a whole remains the same after seeing most of it. It's okay. There are some technical issues, arc cohesiveness, and captaining decisions that aren't the best, but other than that, it's okay. I think maybe that's how "like" works, because I've had that experience as well, being able to tell how much I'd like a series early on, and that continuing to be the case down the line.

I will say that both ENT and Voyager, and also DS9 and TOS to be honest, had a better beginning than TNG, though.

BillJ wrote:
Even in the shows that weren't my favorites, I could usually find elements and episodes that were likable. Which is why I take offense when someone writes off any series outright.
A good point, and I also take offense when a series is misclassified by someone that "tried it once" and felt that it wasn't for them or when someone calls another person "ignorant" because of their preferences.

Let's just say that the person that called every season of TOS the worst had said the same thing about DS9, which is my favorite and of course I see it as having the best quality in storytelling. I wouldn't call someone names over that or think they are "silly" for having that opinion. I would disagree of course, or even ask them why they think that, as someone else here did, but I wouldn't insult their intelligence or maturity just because they don't like the same thing I like in the same ways that I like it. There's something wrong with that, imo.

My problem with the person that called DS9 a "soap opera" wasn't the fact that he (I'm assuming it's he) wasn't interested in the series after trying it once, but the fact that it was called something it is not in the process. You said that "soap opera" is something definable to debate, but so is "worst season." I do agree with you that there is something to like about each series, though, but I can usually find at least one thing I like about most everything.
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