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Re: What would it take to make you change your mind?

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I'm constantly re-evaluating everything, so it doesn't take a whole lot.
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Like Ood Sigma, I am constantly evaluating and re-evaluating everything. If I am given sufficient cause, and the data to support it, I will change my mind.
Given the premise of the thread, responses like this seem like bullshit. However, I'm the same way, and it does fit the assertions of the OP.

Humans base their opinions not on logic, but out of an emotional desire to win. Therefore, when people argue, they try to win even if their opinions have no basis in logic.

I do not argue to win, I argue to be right. If I'm right at the beginning of an argument, then I'm right at the end of an argument and I win. If I'm wrong at the beginning of an argument, then I realize that, purge erroneous information, I then become right, and I still win. With this way of thinking, I have the satisfaction of always winning whether I'm right or wrong.

As far as confirmation bias goes, I try my damnedest to catch myself doing it before I form opinions.
Exactly. I don't argue to win, I argue to present factual data into the conversation.
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