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Wedding Band is Really Well Made.

Brian Austin Green has a new sitcom, but I'm not sure if it's a sitcom really?

How I phrased the title of this thread is like to say that a novel is neatly typed, but my point is that I don't think they're going so laughs, so really it's not like a lack of humour should count against them. The producers it seemed decided to make a 1/2 hour format romance/drama with "elements" of humour.

Seriously, I thought I was watching a movie.

A movie staring Mandy Moore, but neither the less their budget was huge, their cast was seasoned, talented and also huge... I HATE THAT FRAKK MICHAEL FROM LOST... I've almost retroactively forgiven him after being reminded about how cool he was on Romeo and Juliet (the one with Claire Danes and that snot nose punk.)... But I hate his character from lost and it haunts the both of us, yet if Harry was trying to make me despise Michael he did a fabulous job.

If the band is real, they're pretty good, I'm not saying they don't play their own instruments, but after what happened to the Monkeys it would be pisspoor to make a big deal about the awesomeness of the band and have them faking it, hells it doesn't even look like they're lip-synching to music they taped in studio previously, especially if they think they'll be cross promoting with a CD of original(ish) music from the television show.

Jenny Wade makes me weak at the knees. (Look her up. You love her too, but your attention deficit is engorging.)

Bree Turner is double booked. She's trying to do Wedding Band and Grimm at the same time and I suspect that they're not filmed at different ends of the country... Which is why the last few weeks of Grimm have just seen heron the other end of a telephone call.

Yes, that's Jan from the office too. And she's blonde.


They've set up a lot of interpersonal dynamics and laid a lot of time bombs as far as who is in love with who and whose relationship is about to go boom...

The only reason this show isn't funny is because they're not telling jokes, but it is clever and engaging and worth a lookiloo.

I liked it.
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