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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

RJDiogenes - I think what you want isn't adult space opera so much as it is family space opera. The original Star Trek and its successors were pitched at broad audiences, while nuBSG (which you detest) was more pitched towards teens-and-up audiences, just as the current Clone Wars cartoon is aimed at the under-twelve set.

But yeah I wouldn't get one's hopes up yet as Temis pointed out. Space opera just isn't as hot a commodity on TV as it was say twenty years ago. Probably why Defiance - although having aliens and tech and whatnot - is tooled to the post-apocalyptic mode shows like Walking Dead and Falling Skies are running with.

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Re-imagining though remains to me the pretentious term thrown around for Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes.
Not necessarily: I would think that re-imagining would be the best term for, as an example, the BBC's recent SHERLOCK series.
I guess. There's definitely something different between repurposing a public domain work like the Holmes stories than updating a franchise property, which is the implict part of a reboot.

But Burton definitely wasn't using the term that way.

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TV is restrained about gore? If this show is on cable (and it sure doesn't sound like a broadcast show!) then he can have buckets of blood everywhere.
Strain will be on FX, home of American Horror Story. So, yeah, he can get pretty grisly but I suppose his point is it can't be as graphic as an R-rated horor film.
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