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Re: OT: The Bestseller Job by Greg Cox

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Congrats Greg, that cover looks very snazzy indeed!

I'm afraid I've never even heard about this TV series. You'd probably say it's a must-see.
The show is in its fourth season, but it's very accessible so feel free to jump aboard. It's basically about a team of crooks and con artists who run elaborate scams to help out people who have been screwed over by the system:

"The rich and powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you."

And, yeah, the scifi jokes fly fast and furious sometimes, as well as guest-spots by some of our favorite genre actors. Did I mention that both Wil Wheaton and Jeri Ryan play recurring characters, and that some guy named Frakes has directed several eps?

(Wil plays an outlaw hacker, btw. Jeri plays a sexy grifter who helps the Leverage crew out on occasion.)
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