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Re: Primeval: Canada


Episode 3 was actually good.

Maybe as good as an episode of season 3 or 4 Stargate Atlantis.

(The first episode I thought had been directed by Ed Wood. This is a significant improvement.)

Starts off, they had one of the girls running around in her underwear trying to get the sleep out of her eyes after crashing on the couch in the office as everything went to hell.

Gratuitous, but nii-iice.

They brought a new girl who like machine guns and motor cycles into the story line too... From how they talked about her, she might have been in the back ground during episode one and two and she looked like wallpaper.

There was an interesting sciency problem with altitude that they couldn't get back home because the anomaly was 30 feet up in the air.


Carnivorous bugs.

Millions of them.

And a big one trying to breed with the humans by stuffing them with eggs deepthroat-style.
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