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Re: TNG Caption This! 291: Random Silliness

Riker: So Lieutenant, can you exlain why we are fifteen officers, including this nerd behind me who usually have to use holodeck to pick up a girl, who needed to be treated for Risian gonorrhea since you have been transferred here.
Geordi: You are the dirtiest wormhole of this quadreant!

Picard: Mister Data, why this wormhole appeared?
Data: It seems *they* beamed *her* in space, Captain.
Picard: Fine, Ensign Whitoutname, get us in a safer zone! Mister Data, you are in charge of deletion of all traces of this Risian gonorrhea, including into brains of medical staff. Lieutenant Attheunintifiedstation, condemn this zone to any ship navigation. I will be in my ready room to write a false report about a transporter accident. Don't disturb me, I have to put cream on my little Jean-Luc.
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