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Re: the cookie thread

ooooh, these cookie plates look tempting!
would the Italian rainbow cookies by any chance be cucchidata? Basically a shortbread dough with a filling of glace cherries and figs, rolled up and sliced so that you get small spirals?
They are on my to bake list for this year as are black & whites.

I always do the quince meat, gingerbread and cinnamon stars because my siblings and parents like those best. I try to try out a few new recipes every year, though. Last year I found a recipe for nougat-orange cookies which my mom is very fond of.
This year I'll also make peanut butter kisses (because I love them. If my family doesn't: all the better! That means more for me, heehee), Springerle (a German specialty, rather hard-ish cookies with anise seed), Olga-rings (simple jam filled shortbread cookies), possibly Lekkebergskakor (spicy Norwegian cookies) and Pheonikia (Greek cookies with a walnut & orange filling).

And perhaps a few interesting ones from this thread

@Garry Mitchell: these look good. A pity they aren't available in my country. We don't have any really good cookies to buy here (my hamster would propably disagree - he is crazy about Leibnitz's whole wheat butter bisquits - whoa! that price is highway robbery. They cost only about $2 here)
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