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Yeah, but we only got to see the beginning. We didn't get to see the whole thing.

My understanding of the arranged marriages is that it's a matter of what's logical with them. It's logical to have a mate and to find one in the most efficient manner. The most efficient manner to them seems to be based off of a compatibility that the families in question sort out, but the two people involved get the final say. T'Pol had to agree to the marriage in the end. It wasn't forced on her like in some cultures here. That's good.

One thing I do wonder about with the reboot movie is how did Vulcan get to have a population 6 billion people. It seems like they only mate every seven years, and not every time is going to lead to pregnancy. I guess it means they mate to have children specifically or something like that, but still, 6 billion... Interesting.
Well, less children would be a given, but there's something to keep in mind, Vulcans live incredibly long lives. So I could see them getting to and maintaining a population of 6 billion... though how they survived their primitive emotional time when they were killing each other regularly if they mated every seven years is beyond me.

As for the arranged marriage? I dunno. You have one side of the coin that says Vulcans can love, they just don't express it. The other side is they "suppress and purge" all emotion and act only on logic. They two really contradict each other at times. From a purely logical standpoint, taking emotion out of the equation, I suppose it makes sense to arrange marriages from birth. But the emotions DO work their way into it from what we've seen. So that flies in the face of all logic. But I like races full of contradictions. It's not like our own doesn't have it's share.
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