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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

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I mean, did you even see the film?
I'm guessing he did given the whole discussion over the right or wrong use of Oriental when referring to that region of the globe came out of Bones review of the film.
I've been mostly glossing over that conversation as it's not really relevant here, just a bunch of people arguing over semantics and not really what I'm reading this thread for. Still, he could also just as easily have gleaned the reference from what people have been saying in here, so I wanted to ask point blank.
Well the discussion for what it's worth occurred after he commented on the film and his use of Oriental City in describing Shanghai.

But that's cool, it has been a bit off piste and I can understand why you'd gloss over it, we've all done that from time to time.

but going by his comments on the film a few days ago, I do reckon it's a safe bet he watched Skyfall.
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