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Re: Species 8472: What were their motives?

JANEWAY: The Northwest Passage.
CHAKOTAY: It's clear of Borg activity for a very good reason.
TUVOK: I'm picking up one hundred and thirty-three bio-ships. More are appearing.
JANEWAY: From where?
TUVOK: They seem to be coming from a quantum singularity-
TORRES: I'm localising the gravimetric distortions.
CHAKOTAY: On screen.
JANEWAY: Kes? Anything?
KES: Yes. I can hear them. They come from a place where they're alone. Nothing else lives there.
CHAKOTAY: Some kind of parallel universe.
KES: I don't know. I feel malevolence, a cold hatred. The weak will perish. It's an invasion. They intend on destroying everything.
JANEWAY: Tom, reverse course, maximum warp. Take us five light years out and hold position.
PARIS: Aye, Captain.
JANEWAY: Maintain Red Alert. Commander.
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