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Re: Harry's Bar: Under New Management

While one day a-walking, his mood down and low,
The Nasat decided he'd nowhere to go
So aimlessly drifting, to pass away time,
He stepped to the pavement, and trudged through the grime
Bleak 'twas, and rainy, but just when it seemed
There's no point in trying, as if from a dream
There on the left an establishment rose
Quite where it came from, God only knows.
Commotion, it sounded, a bar out of hand
And drawn by an urge he did not understand,
The Nasat walked over and opened the door
A dirty old place he'd not been in before
And people he knew, but hadn't yet seen
Drunk off their ass or else smiling serene,
And thought "now I've found it, a good place to stay"
And settled him down for the rest of the day.
"Did you know that there is a million bucks hidden in the house next door?"
"But there is no house next door."
"No? Then let's go build one!"
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