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Re: TNG HD coming to Syfy (UK)

I kept reusing the same tape for season 1, but I kept Farpoint and ended up with Skin Of Evil right after it. Kept everything from season two onwards. Some how missed Q Who - must of been on holiday!

I did buy the tapes of Arsenal Of Freedom/Symbosis and Conspiracy/Netural Zone, as the first of each of those two tapes really stuck in my memory.

So in a funny way Shades Of Grey was great for me at the time, I had loads of the better clips from episodes I no longer had.

It wasn't until the BBC got to the end and started again I found out I'd had an edited copy of Farpoint all that time. They had a weird feature length cut for the first broadcast, from the two part version. I can still just about spot what scenes seem newer. But as it was on a week after the flashbacks in All Good Things, it was and odd viewing the first time!
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