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Re: One Recommendation

^Reminds of my Mom's great description of the world:

There are only two types of people: smart people and stupid people.

Smart people are curious, they want to learn, to see and experience new things, to hear about what's going on in the world. They see the value in other cultures, points of view, etc and have empathy because they see how similar we all are.

Stupid people don't value anything other than what they themselves accept. Different things, values or approaches are frightening and therefore evil. Learning new things doesn't interest them; they aren't curious and want everything to stay the same. They don't have empathy because they see everything as US vs THEM. And there's always a "THEM" somewhere.

None of it has anything to do with color, gender, age, education level, wealth, nationality or ethnicity. You're a smart person or a stupid person. Choose to be in the first category or the second.

I thought that was great advice. I think the whole discussion started because of my dad's relatives. They were educated but narrow minded, hateful, bigoted people. I couldn't understand it at all. My mom's little speech made it perfectly clear to me.
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