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Re: Babylon 5 vs Deep Space Nine

I put down Babylon 5 for best Plot and and DS9 for best commander. The other categories, i abstained (but should have voted for both -- missed that instruction).

The plot of Babylon 5 was essentially a 5 year arc -- something relatively new & innovative for TV, and we could really see the benefits of it over the years.

I think Sisko was better commander -- in terms of how he was portrayed and written. For example, i REALLY appreciated the family relaitonships with his father & son. 3 different people (in terms of caeer choice, for example), but completely believable as close family who love & respect each other.

I would add in another category: impact on Fandom. And Babylon 5 would win, IMHO. For example, the term Lurkers has gone way beyond Babylon 5 . (Also the importance/value of story arcs).

And I still think Deep Space 9 ripped off the general CONCEPT of Babylon 5, but still created a great show in its own right, with some unique qualities of its own, and in some ways the best of the Trek series.

Both series especially has some AMAZING actors, especially among the secondary cast.

I am glad both existed, and wish SyFy would air both of these again on TV.
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