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Re: Minbari vs. Klingon

In terms of a squad of each facing off, I think I'd go with the Minbari as the victors. I think it's because the Minbari have greater discipline. The warrior's life is similar to the life of all their people, regardless of which caste they're in - it's all about duty, self-improvement, acknowledgement of spiritual purpose. Functioning effectively as part of a larger group. The idealized Klingon warrior, which is what Worf attempts to be, is close to this, but in practice Klingons don't live up to those ideals. The discipline is lacking. They fight because they enjoy it, because it's an outlet for their frustrations, and because that's just what Klingons are "meant to do". It's all rather self-indulgent, both on an individual and a society-wide level. Minbari live in a society where such indulgence wouldn't be permitted - a warrior dedicates him- or herself to warriorhood with the intention of being the best he or she can; a Klingon is all too often just a guy who can wave a knife around and brawl.
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