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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Its been over a week between watching, but I got a bit burned out so I took a break. I do still plan to continue watching Farscape.

Eat Me (Farscape) - This episode was ok. It had Chiana's only good moment so far, seeing her slap Jool several times. It was great, since Jool might just beat out Chiana as thbe most annoying character ever, if she stays on for awhile. If Chiana had ended up being eaten by the crazy cannibals, this would have been the best episode ever This was a pretty creepy episode, and it got really frightening when they cloned Jar Jar That said, the episode ended badly. There are now two Chrichtons. Has the series jumped the shark? Probably, although I'll reserve judgement for a little while. This seems like the stupidest idea since Chiana was introduced, but maybe it will go somewhere. It does make me ask questions. Do both John's have a fake Scorpius in their head? If only one did, then you could find out which is the original (if mind Scorpius is even around, he didn't appear this episode). I'd say that I hope the clone goes away quickly, but its Farscape. If its stupid or nonsensical (like Chiana, mind Scorpius, etc), its probably going to stay around forever. Still, I'd say I'm still enjoying the series.
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