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Re: Listening to Christmas Music

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They can confine it Christmas week for all I care. Don't get me wrong nothing against it per se, but working in retail. Come Christmas you are fed up of listening to Christmas music.

As for poll options, shouldn't there be a sometime December in there? Rather than two options for November (Some time in November and Thanksgiving weekend as last I checked that's sometime in November)
I am lucky that in my retail place of employment, the Christmas songs are interspersed with the regular songs so the customers, and more importantly, the employees don't get sick of Christmas music.

I was actually originally going to put the December option in the poll, but then I realized after I started filling out the options that I should have a choice for people who don't listen to Christmas music. Is there a way to edit the number poll options after one starts to make the poll?
sure they interspace them with other songs, but do enough hours in a day/week and you can soon tire of them.
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