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Re: Did we know about the Borg sooner?

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But then Enterprise becomes utterly pointless as a prequel! Star Trek XI was intended to be a reboot/alternate reality thing, but Enterprise was always supposed to be a prequel to TOS/TNG and the rest.

What's the point of showing the start of the Coalition/Federation of Planets in "Demons"/"Terra Prime" if it's not THE Federation, but some alternate? Why explain the Klingon foreheads changing if that's not setting up the Klingons of The Original Series? Why make a huge fuss and intergalactic incident over the first Vulcan/human hybrid if not to forshadow Spock?
It was just as entertaining whether it was showing the history of TOS, the history of JJ's Trek, or the history of an altogether different universe that might play out quite differently by the time the 23rd century rolled around. The nice thing about taking that route (if the writers had actually planned it that way -- I advocated this idea back when Enterprise first started airing) is that it gives you the same toys to play with, but there's still suspense because everything could play out differently.
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