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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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If the condescending attitudes displayed here towards states with a minority that want to secede is prevalent, no wonder there are people who want it. I wonder if anyone ever stopped to consider that for a moment.

But that's the common wisdom these days. Insult first, rationalize later, rarely justify.
I think the main reason for the "mockery" of these types is that they are the same kind of people as the liberals who threaten to move to Canada when a Republican wins. It is a childish tantrum. As has been pointed out, these are internet petitions and not appeals from the state legislature. They cannot be taken seriously until the actual government of the state, and not a bunch of whiners on the internet, formally request secession.
Last night I made the mistake of interjecting myself into a conversation about this on Facebook in a friend of my sister's posting on this. She was self-flagellating about the election. Apparently, she's taking down her flag until July 4 to mourn the attack on our Constitution.

One of the people involved kept talking about how Texas wanted to secede and Texas had gathered (at that time) 35,000 votes on the petition. That was when I intervened and pointed out that "No, 'Texas,' had done no such thing - a group of ignorant citizens who wanted to take their marbles and go home from the playground because they lost the election wanted to secede and did not constitute "Texas." In order to constitute "Texas" the Texas legislature would have to be the body to petition the US.

My sister's friend (who is a Texan) actually had the gall to respond to that and state that "Texas" most certainly had petitioned the Government to secede via the White House, because two legislators in their state favored secession - as if two legislators in the TX legislature who like the idea is responsive to the fact that their legislature is the proper channel and their legislature has not, to date, done so. These people are douchebags that are simply unhinged. "Sore losers" doesn't begin to describe them. I told her that in view of her idol worship and self-flagellation, she would do well to just head down to Main Street on Easter like the Filipinos do, but do so with an effigy of Obama and a cat-o-nine tails and beat herself and moan, for clearly she is already doing that in her heart, figuratively, over her altar to her bank accounts, her political party, and Mitt Romney. May her sin find her out. They deserve every bit of mockery and rebuke they receive.

I also have to really wonder about some of these folks. On the one hand, "America: FUCK YEAH!" We're better than everybody else in the world. We fight all the bad guys, blah, blah, blah. On the other: Your guy doesn't get elected = leave the Union, take your marbles home because of those meanies who won. Just like on the one hand: "USA - FUCK YEAH! Give 'em hell in the trenches - assassinate Bin Laden - have the balls to stand up for freedom, etc, etc." ...On the other, those Marines who aren't afraid of anything will fall apart if there is a homosexual nearby. ... On the one hand "America-FUCK YEAH! Marriage = one man/one woman." On the other -"Gays will ruin marriage for us all. Oh, don't forget to finalize your third divorce." That is precisely what the Right has become. In another time, these were extremes and caricatures. The caricatures have come to real life.
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