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Re: Harry's Bar: Under New Management

One beat-up Romulan scout ship arrives at an unnamed and best-forgotten planet.

T'Bonz staggers into Harry's Bar - bleary-eyed, and well after noon (is morning that time when the glowy-thing in the sky is out?). Her head is pounding from yesterday's party on another unnamed backwaters planet.

"What, this place is still around? I heard it but I couldn't believe it. It's been years."

*Looks around.*

"Ah, Revdkathy.....and WAIT...that SCURVY PIRATE GOT HERE BEFORE I DID?!!"

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me."

**Looks around again and sees a bunch of newbies**

**lobs an empty ale bottle in their general direction.**

Vah-udt lloann'na veruuls!
Live long and suffer! - Ancient Romulan greeting.

Romulans aren't paranoid. We're merely proactively cautious.
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