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Re: Labeouf Wants 18 Million To Return To Transformers 4

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^ The first Transformers (live action) film is one of my favorite movies ever made. So I would say yes, since I'm 42.
Same here. I'm 39 and have enjoyed all of the Transformers movies so far. When news of the movie broke I'm not sure who was more excited: me or my 12 year old son.
And I never played with Transfomer toys or watched the animated series when I was a kid. The 2007 film was my first exposure to the universe of that series. I was just happy for once to have a film with old-school heroes and villains; I really can't relate to the modern "no such thing as good and evil" view. I much prefer the black and white "Autobots good, Decepticons evil" version.
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