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Re: Episode of the Week: Too Short a Season

Timo wrote: View Post
Can anybody buy this character as one of the Federation’s best negotiators?
Sure - as the point is that he's a has-been. And of course one who doesn't realize he's a has-been...
That explanation doesn't work for me. This isn't a matter of declining skill, it's a matter of how he relates to others. That kind of fundamental character transformation doesn't happen with age unless there's some kind of brain injury, such as a stroke.

MikeS wrote: View Post
And I thought the make-up held up pretty well. I was going to give kudos to Westmore for this (it was Westmore all through TNG's run wasn't it?). We should also remember that he may have wanted to save time and money (for other TNG projects) by concentrating on what would show up on screen. He had no way of knowing that his work would be seen in HD a quarter of a century later.
True enough, and perhaps it's unfair to call it horrible since it was adequate to its original purpose. Better to say that (IMO) it looks horrible in HD.
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