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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

I liked Home as it seemed to deal with the consequences not only of Archer's choices in the Xindi arc, but really the whole first three seasons. Soval almost looked like he was cured of Evil Vulcan Syndrome too for a second! Hernandez is a likeable character too. The Vulcan wedding ceremony was interesting. You'd think a species as civilized as Vulcans would be beyond arranged marriages, but guess not.

Borderlands was literally the episode that had me give Enterprise a second look, if years later. When it originally aired, I quit watching during season 2 out of frustration. Flipping through the channels and I see Brent Spiner! And he's the villain! Admittedly Borderlands is the weakest of the three Augment episodes, but it sets a lot of good back story for the next two. The whole Orion tangent really was filler material though and didn't have much to do with the rest of the story arc.
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