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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Maybe Rick & company will find the town, and through their meddling, it'll get destroyed just like the farm was and the governor will be put down.
That's kind of my expectation....
Jeez, you people. You act like Rick and his people are agents of the apocalypse and every place they try to settle down will be destroyed.

I'm sure Hershel would vouch for them as a stabilizing influence.


How about Jenner?


Perhaps Ed, Jim, and Amy???
I think just Rick is the harbinger of death. The hilltop group was doing just fine until they brought Rick back.

Even before that, the group searching for provisions was put in extreme danger by helping Rick.
"They have to help the viewers let go. Firefly did a movie to wrap things up. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued on as a comic book. Heroes gradually lowered the quality season by season until we were grateful it ended. - Sheldon Cooper
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