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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

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I guess this is final confirmation that the novelverse is setting up the events of the Countdown comic.
On the contrary: The Persistence of Memory directly contradicts the Countdown/Star Trek Online version of Data's resurrection. Apparently in that version, it was Geordi installing the emotion chip in B-4 that caused Data's memory and personality to reactivate in B-4's body. Also, The Needs of the Many says that took place in late 2385, while TPoM takes place in January '84.
But Star Trek Online and Countdown are not one and the same. Treklit and STO could both include Countdown in their post-Nemesis continuities, while getting there in different ways and then taking different directions afterwards.
Drawing on a character from a given Trek story doesn't require acknowledging that whole story's continuity as "real" -- any more than Batman comics acknowledged the Batman: The Animated Series continuity as real when they incorporated Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya into their distinct version of the universe. Heck, in Forgotten History I included a Klingon captain from the post-TMP comic strips!
True, and IIRC, Beneath the Raptor's Wing mentioned a character from Starfleet: Year One.

You'd of course know better than me what the future of Treklit holds, but I'm predicting based on this and the hints dropped in prior Typhon Pact novels (Picard being offered a job as Ambassador, Spock becoming a legal resident of Romulus when Countdown said etc) that the novelverse is going to tie-in to Countdown.
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