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Re: "The Three Saaviks"

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It works in favour of the studio, not the actor. Had Paramount offered more $$$$ than she received for ST II, or even the same amount(?), Alley would have been compelled to participate in ST III whether she liked it or not. But they offered her less, so she was free to walk. She wasn't expecting to walk, but her agent's counter offer was ignored.
I'm not doubting you, but that's not the way I have ever heard the situation presented from anyone who was involved in the production. Everyone has agreed that the clause in question was not included in her TWOK contract and that she was not obligated to return, regardless of the offer. Meyer, Nimoy, Shatner, etc... they've all said specifically that Paramount dropped the ball and did not include the standard "sequel" class in the contract at all.
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