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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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Here's a link for the Episode-Specific Videos which includes the two Aftershows for the two teams (Kari, Tory and Grant spend a good deal of their segment explaining more BTS stuff on what happened) as well as some more high-speed shots, some stuff on the SynDaver and other angles on some of the tests.
Thanks for the link. I like the Air Force One analogy Adam made: any human analog they test to destruction is Buster.

I do wonder how they have these viewer questions ready to go as soon as the episode airs. Does it air earlier in Australia with the questions coming from there? Or do they show the episodes to focus groups or something and get questions from them?

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They must have started it before the abort, then done some fill in shots afterward. Tory definitely has a magically disappearing/reappearing beard, and Kari's earrings do the same.
Do you mean specifically in the blueprint-room segments, nothing else? Because I only remember Tory having a beard during the actual experiment portion (some parts of which did take place in the shop as they were preparing the cannonballs, but those are distinct from the blueprint intros/wrapups which are shot after the fact).
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