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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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^I thought they didn't shoot the blueprint segments until after the myth was completed. They pretend they haven't started yet and are discussing what they're going to do, but that's just a figurative way of introducing the segment, and the opening and closing blueprint segments are shot together after the fact. So since this was a myth that was aborted halfway through and that for a while they didn't expect to air, I'm not sure they would've gotten around to recording any blueprint intros at the time.

As for Tori, he was only bearded in the actual (later) experiment portions, wasn't he?
They must have started it before the abort, then done some fill in shots afterward. Tory definitely has a magically disappearing/reappearing beard, and Kari's earrings do the same.
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