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Re: Episode of the Week: Too Short a Season

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Too Short a Season may actually be worse in HD because of the terrible “old man” makeup on Clayton Rohner. Rohner’s acting is also pretty awful, as is that of Michael Pataki as Karnas.

I wouldn't say awful, just hammy and over-the-top. It may look awful when compared to our present taste, but that type of acting was very "eighties".

And I thought the make-up held up pretty well. I was going to give kudos to Westmore for this (it was Westmore all through TNG's run wasn't it?). We should also remember that he may have wanted to save time and money (for other TNG projects) by concentrating on what would show up on screen. He had no way of knowing that his work would be seen in HD a quarter of a century later. Be interesting to see how the make-up from Unnatural Selection has aged (pardon the terrible and very obvious pun).

What exactly is the script regarding Captain's beaming down? In Encounter At Farpoint Picard exclaims that it is something he found "unique" about Rikers service record. Then it seems to become a Starfleet regulation in a few episodes. In this episode it is brushed aside with little discussion and a bit of a laugh.

Not one of the best episodes of season one or this rewatch, but there is enough in it to keep me from labelling it one of the worse.
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