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Re: VOTE | ENT Avatar Contest | The Forge

Congrats on the promotion, S/U Fan! Speaking of congrats...

Wow, close race in the Episode contest this week. Orac squeaked by with the victory, just beating Miss Lemon and Yours Truly, who tied for second place.

In the ENT Theme contest, JiNX-01 took the victory with her shot of Porthos (who's like Spock in the SF/F Avatar Contests ), while HopefulRomantic came in second place with her shot of well-lit and smirky Trip, who fared much better than my poorly-lit and angry Trip ().

And finally, the Random Theme was incredibly close. JiNX-01 took the win and narrowly beat out five other people--HopefulRomantic, jespah, Miss Lemon, Shanndee and Yours Truly--who all tied for second place.

Congrats to both of the winners and to my fellow runners-up!

Orac, JiNX, I leave the care of the next contest in your capable hands.
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