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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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Nice pretty ending? They finally put together a plot arc that's exciting and engaging and it's like they had a meeting to discuss how they could screw that up in the most facepalming way. Thus we get Alien Nazi's.
Well said.

I thought maybe I might be the only one that felt this way. What a downer.
Manny Coto took over as Show Runner for S4, and wanted to dump all the Temporal Cold stuff, so he flushed it all with Storm Front 1 and 2. The changes quite a bit in S4 now, becoming more of what most of us were expecting from S1 when we heard about Enterprise being a TOS Prequel. It's my hope you will very much enjoy almost all the rest of the episodes left. You'll have mostly 2 and 3 part arcs throughout S4
Thank you for the well-wishing. I hope for the same. For a last season, I think 2-3 part arcs is interesting. You'd think they'd be trying to tie up arcs from the previous seasons, but I guess that's not possible since the only 2 arcs were the Xindi and the Temporal War. The next episode was nice, though


Oh, this makes it hard. T'Pol's ex-fiancé but kind of still fiancé seems to be a nice guy, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I thought I wouldn't like him, but he seems likeable... It's too bad that xenophobia has caused Phlox, the guy that kept the crew that saved the world patched up and ticking, to be treated so badly at the bar. I'm glad Hoshi gave him a good talking to. He deserves to have just as much fun and freedom as anyone else. Looks like Archer needed a love connection. Good for him.

A Vulcan wedding ceremony! I was wondering a while back if one was ever filmed, and here it is, but then they cut it off before you can see it. :-/ Poor Trip. And poor T'Pol.

Grade: B minus


It's Data! Well, not really, but it's the actor and that's good enough. Wow, these Orions aren't too friendly. It's so sad. That slaver guy picks T'Pol up and shows her around like she's a rag doll for auction.

I kind of feel bad for the Augments. They hijacked a Klingon ship, but in all honestly, this is something Klingons do, and they love battle. They seem to just be mad that they got beaten at their own game. What I don't like is how the doctor has half-raised them. They were made as "designer humans," imo, and he's made them believe that they are the future and that no one else matters. That's dangerous.

Grade: C plus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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