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Re: Worst Season?

I don't recall a bunch of TOS references, but the tones could be considered comparable. There's nothing wrong with loving DS9 and not really being into TOS. It's very understandable.

I personally don't consider myself a TOS fan, but my mother likes it and the TOS movies. That's where and why I've experienced some of it, but DS9 was more for me, and so that's my favorite. I don't think it makes me "ignorant" to have that preference, and it surely doesn't mean that DS9 is a soap opera just because it manages to deal with real feelings and how certain events and choices can impact people emotionally. That's just reality. Preferences aren't ignorant, just preferences, and usernames have nothing to do with that. Look at mine. My love for Spock/Uhura comes from the reboot movie, not The Original Series.

Even though I think there was an attraction and perhaps some sort of latent desire on both of their parts in TOS-verse, I do not think they were "meant to be" there because of life events and personal choices that precluded anything from happening. That said, new timeline and different events means different choices, and so I love what's happened in the new timeline and I absolutely think the new versions of the characters are "meant to be."

I would like to know what Stan Smith has against DS9, though.
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