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Re: National Novel Writing Month

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Don't feel too bad. I didn't write anything on Saturday or Sunday, which puts me about a day behind (I was a day ahead before.) I plan to catch up this week.

Don't worry about being behind, either. Just try to do some writing each day. Progress is progress, even if it's slow.
Yeah, that's how I've been trying to proceed. I got a little antsy about it last night, feeling like I should've written more over the weekend, but then I tried to just relax and not worry about it, and let the writing come when it would.

Then I wrote a total of 3509 for today, so that seemed to work. Still behind, but finally making some good progress again! Might attend the write-in over in Berkeley tomorrow night, see if I can get some solid writing time in there.

Good luck on your catching up as well!
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