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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

This isn't news, it's gossip.

Unless she was drunk, or on drugs or hit him with a frying pan until he went into a coma, it's a dirty joke and not something noteable.

It's really sexist, but most men don't believe that women can hurt them, and if they react too adversely to being whupped by a girl, then they're a "wussy", or even worse a "girl"... So when they're standing there with a broken nose after picking a fight they thought they had in the bag, they tend to overreact because the universe has been lying to them for the last thousand years.

There was a line on the West Wing from Bradley Whitford in a room of mixed gender full of powerful and distuished movers and shakers "You can't beat me up, you're like a girl... And by that I do mean an 8 year old girl in knee socks with pigtails. There is on the other hand many women that I am truely terrified and intimidated by who can pull me apart."
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