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Episode of the Week: Too Short a Season

This week’s episode is Too Short a Season. Unfortunately, it’s the first of three or four terrible episodes in a row. It’s tempting to skip ahead.

Too Short a Season may actually be worse in HD because of the terrible “old man” makeup on Clayton Rohner. Rohner’s acting is also pretty awful, as is that of Michael Pataki as Karnas.

The writing is another huge problem with Jameson. Can anybody buy this character as one of the Federation’s best negotiators? He’s not a good listener and makes no effort to appreciate other points of view or establish rapport. When he has a disagreement with someone, his way to deal with it is to yell at them.

The episode is all about a character that’s badly written, acted, directed, and made up. He is neither sympathetic nor interesting. Is there anything about this episode to like?

OK, let’s get the snark out of the way: “Wesley’s not in it.” Other than that, is there anything about this episode to like?

Hmm. Looking at the threads to date, the most discussed episodes are Hide and Q, Justice, Encounter at Farpoint, The Naked Now, Code of Honor, Haven, The Last Outpost, and Angel One. The least discussed episodes are 11001001, The Battle, The Big Goodbye, Where No One Has Gone Before, and Datalore. It seems we love to talk about episodes we don’t like and have little to say about the better received episodes.
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