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Re: TOS theme music and studio logo musings

You managed to answer one question I've always had: Why 1978?

I don't recall ever seeing the Paramount Television logo pictured above in an episode of Star Trek. I started watching syndicated reruns in the late 70's.

You motivated me to check out my Blu Rays on the subject...

Season Two, Amok Time, Desilu + Norway over Balock, Desilu Logo with copyright 1978 (not roman numerals) Paramount Pictures, CBS Television copyright 1978

Season 2, The Deadly Years, Desilu + Norway over Balock, Desilu logo with roman numerals, CBS Television Logo with Copyright 1978.

Season 3, The Cloud Minders, Balock Gone, Paramount Production in cooperation with Norway, no paramount animated logo, CBS Television with roman numerals and Paramount + Norway in fine print

For some reason they left in the Desilu logos, but not the Paramount ones. Anybody have insight as to why?
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